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Nick Fore is an independent script consultant providing script coverage, script edits, personal consultations and proofreading services.

He reads screenplays on behalf of the British Film Institute and has helped numerous writers get their work into development with renowned production companies, such as Imagine Entertainment.

Nick offers a unique approach to delivering script consultant services, delivering insightful and thought-provoking notes that provide writers with specific suggestions for improvement.

Elevate your script with professional written coverage, where I pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses and make specific suggestions for improvement. 

Perfect your screenplay with my editing service, where I heighten your subtext, embolden your characters and improve the fluidity of your action lines.

Receive expert script guidance in a personalised video consultation, where you will receive a recording of our conversation at the end.

Ensure your script is error-free and ready to share with my proofreading and formatting service.

If you have any queries or questions about my services, or if you would like to request a tailored service that is not listed on my website, please feel free to ask me a question

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