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Script Coverage Service

A bold and insightful script coverage service to help you unlock the full potential of your Short Film, TV Pilot, or Feature-length screenplay.

I also provide coverage on treatments and outlines to help identify your story’s major issues as early as possible and save valuable writing hours.

As a script consultant, I offer advanced evaluations that delve into the plot, structure, character development, theme, and dialogue of your screenplay.

My notes will provide a holistic evaluation of your script, pushing past the surface-level plot evaluations that other coverage platforms offer.

I take pride in providing honest, constructive feedback that is designed to help you achieve your goals as a writer.

Not only will I identify the areas for improvement, but I’ll also provide actionable suggestions that align with your vision and help elevate your story to its highest potential.

Within 15 business days of submitting your script, you can expect to receive comprehensive coverage notes that will guide you in refining your script.

Please note that the rates below apply for short films, TV pilots and feature-length scripts.

Any script over 120 pages will incur a surcharge of £2 per page, which will be invoiced after payment.

1000 Words of Notes

(~3 pages)
No video call

3000 Words of Notes

(~8 pages)
+ 15 minute video call to discuss notes

5000 Words of Notes

(~13 pages)
+ 30 minute video call to discuss notes
Nick Fore Script Doctor / Script Consultant

Nick Fore is an experienced script consultant who reads screenplays for the British Film Institute.


Nick has just finished working alongside a BAFTA-winning writer/director and is currently collaborating on a feature script with an Oscar-winning production company.


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