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Script Writing For Beginners

Are you intrigued by the world of script writing for beginners?

Whether you’re a budding storyteller or an aspiring screenwriter, diving into scriptwriting can be both exciting and challenging.

In this guide, I’ll explore the essentials of script writing for beginners to help you kickstart your creative journey.

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Script Writing For Beginners: Resources

Many beginners think that because they’ve watched plenty of films they’ll be able to write a screenplay. 

However, screenwriting is a very complex process, and I’d always recommend that those who are new to the craft begin by reading about the basic principles.

Check out the article I wrote on the best five books to read that help with script writing for beginners.

Reading these books alongside your writing process can really help save countless hours and put you on the right track from day one:

Start With Three-Act Structure

Understanding the three-act structure is crucial in script writing for beginners.

Here’s a very basic breakdown of three-act structure:

Act 1: Setup

  • Introduction: Introduce the main characters, the setting, and the basic premise of the story.

  • Inciting Incident: A key event that disrupts the normal life of the characters and sets the main plot in motion.

  • Establishment of Goals: Characters set goals or face challenges that will drive the story forward.

Act 2: Confrontation

  • Rising Action: Characters encounter obstacles, conflicts escalate, and the stakes get higher.

  • Midpoint: A significant turning point, often a revelation or unexpected event that changes the direction of the story.

  • Building Tension: Challenges intensify, and characters are pushed to their limits.

Act 3: Resolution

  • Climax: The most intense moment where the main conflict reaches its peak.

  • Falling Action: The aftermath of the climax, where loose ends are tied up, and the story moves towards resolution.

  • Resolution: The story concludes, and the characters experience the consequences of their actions or decisions.
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Craft Compelling Characters

The heart of any screenplay is its characters. Many writers start by considering what happens in their story, rather than who it happens to.

As an audience, we fundamentally connect to character, so it’s important to ensure they’re multidimensional creations that echo our aspects of human nature.

Consider their motivations, flaws, and unique qualities and the moral dilemmas that they may face.

By giving life to your characters, you create a story that feels authentic and engaging

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Script Writing For Beginners: Getting Quality Feedback

Quality feedback is a cornerstone of script writing for beginners. Engaging with a professional script consultant can provide invaluable insights.

As an experienced consultant associated with the British Film Institute, I offer comprehensive coverage and have helped numerous screenwriters get their work into development.

Click the button below to view a sample. 

Many writers I work with send me their outlines or treatments to get feedback as early along the process as possible.

This can help to save countless writing hours as the major issues in the script are ironed out early on, rather than having to make major upheavals on a script.

If you’re interested in getting help on your screenwriting journey, click the button below to browse my services.

Embarking on script writing for beginners is an exciting venture.

Armed with a solid understanding of the basics, the ability to create compelling characters, and a commitment to the rewriting process, you’re well on your way to crafting engaging and impactful screenplays.

Whether you dream of writing for film or television, remember that persistence and continuous learning are key to success in the world of scriptwriting. Happy writing!

Nick Fore Script Doctor / Script Consultant

Nick Fore is an experienced script consultant who reads screenplays for the British Film Institute.

He has written comprehensive coverage on over 1,000 scripts and has helped screenwriters get their work into development with production companies such as Imagine Entertainment and Screen Ireland. 

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