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Drive Analysis: Themes of Essence

The Who & The What #014

Drive Analysis: Themes of Essence

Watch my Drive analysis with this deep-dive video essay, which explores the screenplay’s character development and themes of ‘essence.’ 

Drive Analysis Driver

The movie follows a Hollywood stuntman who becomes entangled with gangsters after he helps his neighbour’s husband rob a pawn shop by serving as a getaway driver.

One of the major themes explored in the script is the idea of ‘essence,’ which refers to the intrinsic qualities that make up an individual.

The way this theme is handled is what sets Drive apart from other Action/Crime films. In other words, the story isn’t just about what happens but more importantly, it focuses on who it happens to.

By initially concealing the character’s true nature, the audience is left wanting to understand who Driver really is.

Drive Analysis Driver

From the script’s first few pages, Driver’s character development serves as the engine behind the narrative.

The duality that is presented in his character design comes into question as the plot escalates before culminating in a horrifically memorable final act.

This sense of character development secures the audience’s engagement in the story as their perspective over this mysterious individual shifts. 

As the protagonist’s layers are slowly peeled back, the audience develops feelings of empathy towards the story’s anti-hero, which expresses a masterful manipulation of emotion.

This technique unifies the script’s structure with its central character, as the reader is gradually led towards Driver’s essence.

Drive Analysis Drive Benicio

This video essay is a must-watch if you want to see a Drive analysis from a professional screenplay consultant.

Learn how the story’s theme is interwoven through the primary characters to grasp a broader understanding of the screenwriting craft.

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Nick Fore Script Doctor / Script Consultant

Nick Fore is an experienced script consultant who reads screenplays for the British Film Institute.

He has written comprehensive coverage on over 1,000 scripts and has helped screenwriters get their work into development with production companies such as Imagine Entertainment and Screen Ireland. 

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