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Her Analysis: Themes of Replacement

The Who & The What #001

Her Analysis: Themes of Replacement

Watch my Her analysis in this deep-dive video essay, which explores the screenplay’s character development and themes of replacement.

Her ending Theodore Twombly

Her is set in LA at some point in the near future and follows the story of a lonely writer named Theodore Twombly, who develops an unlikely relationship with an advanced operating system named Samantha.

Samantha is designed to meet Theodore’s every logistical need, though as their relationship deepens, it becomes apparent that Samantha’s existence is growing far beyond a functional purpose.

The strange, off-beat romance between these two individuals fuels the script’s exploration of its overarching themes of replacement.

Through Theodore’s character development, the script explores the idea of substituting human connection with technology. It also showcases the challenges of navigating the complexities of human relationships and the difficulties of letting go of the past.

Her Analysis Theodore Lonely

In more general terms, Spike Jonze’s exploration of replacement can be seen as a commentary on modern society’s reliance on technology and its potential impact on human connection.

Theodore’s growth throughout the story highlights the importance of facing one’s emotions and moving forward to embrace new experiences.

Ultimately, Her’s themes of replacement highlight the importance of balancing the benefits of technology with the value of genuine human connection.

sci fi script Her Analysis Theodore

If you want to see Her analysed by a professional screenplay consultant, the video essay above is a must-watch.

Advance your understanding of the screenwriting craft by learning how Her’s themes are interwoven through the primary characters.

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