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Triangle of Sadness Analysis: Themes of Social Hierarchy

The Who & The What #010

Triangle of Sadness Analysis: Themes of Social Hierarchy

Watch my Triangle of Sadness analysis in this deep-dive video essay, which explores the screenplay’s character development and themes of social hierarchy.

Triangle of Sadness Analysis Carl Yaya

The screenplay follows a fashion model couple on a disastrous cruise for the super-rich, which blends notes of satire and drama into a highly compelling story.

The script’s most prominent theme is an exploration of social hierarchy, which is portrayed through how the characters’ relationships shift alongside the story’s structure.

This video essay delves into how social status impacts character development in the script and suggests how the power dynamics at play hold an inherent sense of fragility.

The video essay analysis also comments on certain principles of Marxist ideology, which is subtly threaded through the script. 

The film’s exploration of social hierarchy is particularly relevant in today’s society, where issues of class and privilege remain pressing.

Triangle of Sadness Analysis Yacht Paula

By presenting a diverse and comedic character web, Triangle of Sadness raises important questions about the impact of wealth and status on individual behaviour and the dynamics of power within social groups.

The film offers a compelling commentary on how power operates within contemporary society by examining how social status impacts the characters’ lives.

Overall, this Triangle of Sadness analysis provides a thought-provoking look at the script’s themes alongside its fluctuating character development themes. It also examines other principles of screenwriting to explain how Ruben Östlund achieves his desired effect through the script. 

Triangle of Sadness Analysis Dmitry

The video essay above is a must-watch if you want to see a Triangle of Sadness analysis from a professional screenplay consultant.

Learn how the story’s theme is interwoven through the primary characters to gain a deeper understanding of the screenwriting craft.

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Nick Fore Script Doctor / Script Consultant

Nick Fore is an experienced script consultant who reads screenplays for the British Film Institute.

He has written comprehensive coverage on over 1,000 scripts and has helped screenwriters get their work into development with production companies such as Imagine Entertainment and Screen Ireland. 

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